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Biscayne Coffee was founded with a giving spirit and a big idea: to enjoy delicious coffee roasted in Miami while helping save Biscayne Bay and the animals that live there. 

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Biscayne Bay is in trouble, what can we do to save it?  

We started Biscayne Coffee to help save the bay for future generations.

We decided to source delicious coffee, roast it right here in the heart of Miami and send it directly to our amazing customers. We want Biscayne Coffee to be a part of your daily coffee ritual so you can feel good knowing every sip is helping the environment. 

We believe that enjoying your cup of coffee should leave you feeling inspired to conquer your goals with a smile on your face. 

We also believe that future generations have the right to enjoy Biscayne Bay. 

By combining these two beliefs we help address the challenges Biscayne Bay is facing.  Biscayne Coffee partners with the Biscayne Bay Foundation to ensure that for every coffee sold, a donation of 10% is made to help preserve Biscayne Bay for all to enjoy.

There’s nothing complicated about it. Drink good coffee and create a good outcome.

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